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'We’re scared about the future

Crystal Russell, Malayika Russell and Chloe Bracher spoke at the rally today.Courtesy:

There was a clear message from thousands of school children who took to the streets across the country today, the government must act on climate change.

In Sydney, parents, teachers and politicians showed up in solidarity as young activists spoke and sang to a crowd that spilled out of the square and down the city’s main streets.

People gathered at Town Hall Square in Sydney before marching down to Hyde Park, carrying placards and chanting.

Students told they were there because they are terrified about the future.

I’m here today because right now our politicians aren’t doing enough. My future lies in their hands. I can’t vote, I can’t run, and I need them to stand up and protect my future Manjot Kaur told

What scares me most – climate change is going to affect everything I care about, especially people in developing countries.

The young people of today may not be able to vote but they can certainly have a voice,” Dr Phelps told

What they’re saying is that they want us to act on climate change, they want governments at all levels to do whatever they can, and that includes stopping any new coal-fired power projects, no new coal mines, and focusing on a renewable energy future.

The signs and placards on display ranged from clever to crude, and even Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce and Scott Morrison were there – in a way.