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Green responds “Liberals continue to lurch further to the right”.

Victoria opposition leader Mr. Mathew Guy

Radio Haanji talking with Matthew Guy.

Amrinder Gidda, Radio Haanji (Melbourne): The Greens are very extreme and we won’t form the government with them, Mr. Matthew Guy said.

In his recent interview with Radio Haanji, he said this election is between Liberals-Nationals or Labor-Greens. He also claimed that Labor won’t win in the majority and said “I won’t be governing with the Greens.

Exclusive Interview With State’s opposition leader Mr. Mathew Guy


We have contacted the Greens candidate from Melton Mr Harkirat Singh about the Matthew Guy comments on the Green Party. Mr Singh said “The Liberals ramping up of anti-immigration policy and deliberate scare campaigns is the real extremist behaviour. The Greens wants to see a progressive government in Victoria and Liberals continue to lurch further and further to the right.”

In an interview with Radio Haanji, Mr Guy said the campaign is going very well and it’s much much closer than it’s been, It’s tiring. The Liberal leader Matthew Guy responded to Radio Haanji exclusive interview.

Answering to questions of polls favouring the Labor party Mr Guy said “In these days, NO ONE believes in the surveys. He pulled up a couple of examples and said, “nowadays it’s very very hard to get an accurate survey and this is the truth. He also said the after-effects of change in the Prime Minister in the Liberals Federal is no longer an issue in the Victorian elections.

He said, “I am a very strong supporter when asked about his recent comment on the parenting visa. He said we must make sure we have the right services to offer such as health, aged care and good transport facilities. He said this is the political attack on me, not the reality. It looks like Mr Guy changed his stance after made his previous comments on the parenting visa.

Taking this opportunity, Radio Haanji would love to remind the Liberals leading the Federal Government and about the long-term parent’s visa promise which they made during their last election campaign and community is asking the questions. We also encourage the readers and our listeners to ask the questions on the same issue to the candidates in your area.

Mr Guy also commented on the importance of the Australian Indian voters but asked If they are important then why the Australian- Indian is not able to secure the “safe seat” and Mr Guy referred the question to the upper house candidate. He smashed the current government on crime stats and advocated the Liberals new policy of mandatory minimum jail time for violent offenders.