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Terrifying footage obtained of Sydney mother’s carjacking

As Sandra returns to her car after returning her trolley, she doesn’t realise the terrifying encounter she is about to have. Courtesy: Nine/Supplied

Terrifying footage has emerged of the moment a Sydney mother was carjacked during a routine trip to the grocery store.

Just before 5pm last Monday the 52-year-old, who for privacy reasons we can only name as Sandra, had returned to the rooftop carpark of Eastgardens Westfield with a trolley full of groceries.

As she packs bags into her Porsche 4WD, footage shows a man pacing back and forth, watching her from behind vehicles parked nearby.

As Sandra returns her trolley to a nearby bay and returns to her car, the man can be seen jogging towards the luxury vehicle and jumping in the front passenger seat.

A quick-thinking Sandra kicks open her driver’s side door and rolls onto the concrete to escape her alleged attacker.

What isn’t seen on camera is the man allegedly threatening Sandra with a stun gun.

As Sandra gets to her feet without her handbag or mobile phone, the Porsche is seen speeding off leaving the distressed woman to run for help.

Because Sandra’s phone was still in the car, officers from Botany Bay Command were able to track the car’s movements to nearby Wentworth Avenue where the alleged carjacker, Steven Krotiris, was arrested and taken into custody.

The 42-year-old was charged with aggravated take motor vehicle with person in it and drive motor vehicle during disqualification period.

He was refused bail and is scheduled to appear in court next week.