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Sydney man waited six days to claim $20 million Powerball prize

The chances of winning the division one Powerball prize, which includes picking all seven winning numbers and the Powerball, is 134,490,400 to one. Courtesy: 9News

A Sydney man waited six sleepless nights before coming forward to claim his multi-million dollar Powerball prize.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning Powerball entry at a petrol station in Sydney’s south-west before the numbers were drawn last Thursday.

Despite knowing that night that he had scooped the division one prize pool, he waited almost a week before coming forward to start his life as Australia’s newest millionaire.

I checked my numbers last night Thursday night, so I’ve known since then. I don’t think I’ve slept since!” the man told NSW Lotteries officials.

I’ve found it hard to sleep at night. There have been lots of cups of coffee over the last few days but it’s great!

I don’t play every week – just every now and again. I stopped at Woolworths Preston to get petrol so I just grabbed an entry while I was there.”

Because the man was not a registered member, officials were unable to contact him with the good news on the night.

And the secret to his winning numbers? A fateful dream had decades ago.

I dreamt these numbers about thirty years ago. It was a very vivid dream and I saw every number in plain sight,” he told officials.

So I thought I’d better play them on the lottery. I didn’t know which game to play but the amount of numbers I saw in the dream worked well with Powerball so I guess that dream paid off!”

The man said he planned to keep things pretty low key.

We are going to surprise our family. We haven’t told anyone just yet!” he said.

I’ll be investing some and spending some.

We’ve always wanted to do a bit of a road trip around Australia and visit friends along the way.

The winnings numbers drawn last Thursday were 4, 34, 25, 27, 30, 26, 5 and the Powerball number was 18.

According to The Lott, the chance of picking all seven numbers plus the Powerball is a staggering 139,490,400 to one.