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Severely addicted heroin dealer

Simone Cartwright’s mother said outside court that she doesnt beleive Giannoudis has remorse for her crimes. Courtesy: 9news

A severely addicted heroin dealer who fatally stabbed one of her customers has been sentenced to eight years behind bars after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Zoe Giannoudis was dressed in a grey suit and tie, crying and hanging her head as the Supreme Court Judge handed down the sentence which has a non-parole period of five and half years.

The 31-year-old mother pleaded guilty to manslaughter after stabbing Simon Cartwright in the chest during a fight outside the Bakers Arms Hotel in Abbotsford on October 2017.

The two had an ongoing feud while she was dealing on Richmond’s Victoria Street.

Justice Taylor acknowledged Giannoudis’ difficult childhood, born to a heroin-addicted mother who she saw overdose, along with his step-father.

She was homeless at the age of 15, the court heard.

Members of Cartwright’s family were present at the sentencing and expressed outrage at what they believe to be lenient sentencing.

Five years is not enough I’ve got a life sentence said Tracey Riccardo, Simon’s mother.

I’m appalled and lost for words.