Scott Morrison under fire for flying from Canberra to Sydney during lockdown

The Prime Minister is under fire for receiving an exemption to fly to Sydney during lockdown on Father’s Day weekend.

Scott Morrison under fire for flying from Canberra to Sydney during lockdown

A Father’s Day weekend from locked down Canberra to Sydney by Prime Minister Scott Morrison while other families remain apart has been criticised as unfair by Labor.

Mr Morrison went to Sydney after spending nearly two months in Canberra for parliament, before returning on Monday under an exemption from ACT Health.

The prime minister had a secure meeting that could only be done in Canberra, and was subjected to strict testing and movement restrictions.

But Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said the trip did not pass the pub test.

“It’s lovely that Mr Morrison was able to spend Father’s Day with his daughters and I am sure they were happy to see him, but millions of Australians are in lockdown, separated from their families everyday,” she said.

Kristina Keneally

As families on the NSW and Queensland border hugged over barriers due to state border closures, Ms Keneally said Australians had “little hope” of seeing loved ones any time soon unless quarantine and vaccine failures were addressed.

“Now that Mr Morrison is back in Canberra I hope he spends his time setting up quarantine that keeps us safe, and getting the vaccine rollout fixed,” she said.

A government spokesman said “the Prime Minister was in Sydney over the weekend and has been approved to be in the ACT under conditions set out by ACT Health”.

The Level 3 Stay At Home order approved by the ACT CHO requires frequent testing and restricted movement while in the ACT, which other politicians have also previously been granted.

Mr Morrison is expected to return to Sydney later this week as there is no parliament sitting until late October.

Source: The Daily Telegraph