A royal commission into Australia’s devastating bushfires will look at the impact of climate change, the operational response at a state and local level and the role of the federal government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison flagged the inquiry on Sunday as he conceded there were things he could have handled better at a personal level.

Mr Morrison has faced weeks of criticism – as the bushfires death toll rose to 28 – starting with his decision to take his family on a holiday to Hawaii and flowing through to his fire-ground visits during which he was met with anger and frustration.

He said in hindsight he would not have taken his family for a holiday to Hawaii, despite being defensive about it in a radio interview at the time.

His original intention was to holiday, as was routine for his family, on the NSW South Coast.

Mr Morrison said the scale of the bushfires was “unprecedented” and had created a situation in which Australians were demanding a greater response from the federal government than had been provided in the past.

“That was not something that was recommended going into this fire season,” he said.

“There is a very new appetite, a very new expectation.”


Source @ SBS News