Police on manhunt after woman assaulted in Sydney south west

Police are investigating after a woman was assaulted in Chester Hill in Sydney’s south-west. Courtesy: Supplied

A woman has been assaulted with a belt in Sydney’s south west.

Just after 6.15pm on Thursday, a 27-year-old woman left Chester Hill Railway Station and walked east on Waldron Road, before heading north on Priam Street.

As the woman went to cross the road at the intersection of Priam Street and Forshaw Avenue, a man approached her from behind, put a belt around her neck and pulled it towards him.

The woman turned around and confronted the man who ran away.

The woman was not physically injured and made her way home where she notified police.

Officers from Bankstown Police Area Command have now commenced an investigation and are appealing for assistance from the public.

Source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/woman-assaulted-in-sydney-south-west-chester-hill/2f92c37b-fdf3-4553-b7f5-8fe3c251ae6e