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Man arrested after stabbing policePolice in Victoria might stop issuing speeding fines if their demands for a pay rise aren’t met.
The union wants an annual four per cent pay rise for its 17,000 members.
The government responded with an offer of a two per cent increase, with a pay freeze for the first six months of the four-year agreement, and no back pay once any rise kicked in.

The Police Association’s Wayne Gatt said members found the offer “unacceptable”.
Members are also calling for a new rostering structure to prevent burnout.
Under the proposal, officers would work four 10-hour shifts.

If a deal with the government cannot be reached, then from November, officers may stop issuing speeding fines, and park next to speed cameras with their lights flashing to warn drivers.

In a piece of awkward timing for the state government, a remuneration tribunal will meet next month to decide the pay packets of Victorian MPs, and could boost their annual base salrise by almost $25,000.
Police union delegates will meet in two weeks to vote on the industrial action.
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