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Nurse accused of filming himself sexually

Sean Farrow. Courtesy: Supplied

A Melbourne nurse accused of setting up hidden cameras inside the hospital he staffed has appeared in court, with the magistrate labelling the alleged crimes as the “most appalling breach of trust imaginable.”

Sean Farrow, 52, was a nurse working in post-operation recovery at Monash House hospital in the city’s east, where in January this year, staff discovered recording devices located in the staff changeroom.

He has been charged with sexual assault, accused of spreading the legs of a patient recovering from surgery and trying to touch her while filming the attack.

“This is the most appalling breach of trust imaginable,” said Magistrate Simon Zebrowski, who initially considered seeking to move the case to the County Court due to the gravity of offending.

“Apart from the clerical abuse of children can you imagine a greater breach of trust than a nurse in a hospital who is filming them?”

“These patients people were in a state of semi-consciousness coming out of surgery and they’re being filmed by someone who is meant to care for them.”

The concealed cameras were wedged between lockers, but when one fell out, the hospital contacted police who searched the changeroom and located a second device.

Outlining their case to the court, police said they identified Farrow as the culprit after seeing footage on the device showing him setting up the camera.

Police say the first device had ability to stream LIVE over WIFI and watched the women while sitting in next door change room.

He was also found to have a caravan – which police raided – finding more devices and more videos, police prosecutors told the court.

When the devices were discovered, Farrow pretended to other colleagues to be shocked and appalled and when he was confronted about the devices he blamed his actions on an obsession with one female colleague, a point which is disputed by the magistrate.

A victim impact statement read to the court said; “Having learnt that he may have been filming me fills me with utter disgust. He made out to have genuine concern for me.”