New X-ray machines

The new C-90 machines at Perth Children’s Hospital are a safer more effective way to take X-rays of children. Courtesy: 9News

Perth Children’s Hospital has unveiled two new X-ray machines, designed specifically to help young patients receiving treatment.

The first of their kind C-90 machines can scan faster, more efficiently and give off less radiation.

The state-of-the-art equipment, which cost $380,000 each, were shipped over from Germany and are already being put to good use with sick children.

This is a first for Australia this machine, it’s the very latest in X-ray technology,” Health Minister Roger Cook told 9News.

With more than 36,000 X-rays taken every year at the hospital, Mr Cook said the new machines “mean we can reduce the amount of radiation that we’re exposing our young patients to”.

As well as reducing radiation exposure by 50 per cent, the machines’ technology also allows for better care and improves image quality according to Supervising Radiographer Anseley Forgus.

“Time spent with the patient increases, with regards to the system we’ve got, because of a lot of functionality,” he told 9News.

It is patients like Ketanning teenager Eric Thomas who will benefit from the new technology.

He is at the Perth Children’s Hospital after a shocking quad bike accident two weeks ago.

My brother and cousin we went down and to the river to catch some minnows, and as we were coming home we went up a hill and we didn’t make it and the brakes locked up and made us flip backwards, and it landed on my hip,” he told 9News.

The new X-ray machines mean Eric won’t need as many scans, will be exposed to less radiation and get more one-on-one time with the specialists.

“If we didn’t have all the facilities that they’ve got here, then he would be in a lot more pain for a lot longer and if not, he’d never be able to work properly again,” Eric’s mum Diane said.