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New Toll on Sydney’s M5 East Tunnel Could Cost Government Votes

With polls at deadlock 11 days out from the election, the additional toll could impact how motorists vote. Courtesy: 9news

Sydney motorists travelling on the M5 East tunnel will soon be charged a toll at the King Georges Road on and off ramps at Beverly Hills.

The thoroughfare is already used heavily by voters in the marginal seats of East Hills, Oatley and Holsworthy and the eventual $6.69 cost of the trip could also cost the government valuable votes in the upcoming election.

The M5 as we all know should have been widened 30 years ago. We are playing catch up Liberal member for Oatley Mark Coure said today.

We are getting on with the job of rebuilding NSW, including the M5.

The government’s idea to combat the cost of tolls, is offering free vehicle registration to motorists who spend $25 per week on average.

Since coming into effect, drivers in Rouse Hill and Kellyville have saved more than $1 million on car registration.

More than $900,000 was saved in Bella Vista and thousands of drivers from Blacktown, Westmead and Glendenning are all taking advantage of free registration.

Although some in the Labor party have suggested money should be put back into the M5 East tunnel like the M4 motorway, opposition leader Michael Daley believes it is too expensive.

There’s no unlimited pot of money. When the premier says that everyone can have it all, they can’t. That is a furphy Mr Daley said.

With the polls at deadlock 11 days out, Labor has committed to building 204 new or upgraded schools while Gladys Berejiklian is pushing her plan to make life cheaper for small business with worker’s compensation premium discounts and making them pay less payroll tax.