Naked man on train station roof puts

A naked, bloodied man stuck on a roof brought a Perth street into lockdown for more than four hours. Courtesy: 9News

A Perth street was placed in lockdown today as police tried to coax a naked man down from a train station roof.

Bloodied and without any clothes, the man climbed onto the roof of Perth Train Station at about 5am today and smashed the glass with his bare hands.

Wellington Street was closed off to the public for over four hours as police tried to negotiate with the man, check on his welfare and get clothes to him.

The stand-off disrupted bus services and businesses in the area.

“I just arrived this morning to park for work and they had the street blocked off so I couldn’t park,” one frustrated commuter told 9News.

Police finally managed to get he man back off the ledge and in to safety.

“We finally got him part way in and he was cramping up so that was our opportunity to get him in safely so he didn’t go back out,” WA Police Inspector Dean Kellend told 9News.

He was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment to his injuries and the street was reopened a short time later.