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Melbourne drivers are facing the prospect of much tougher penalties if they are caught holding their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

The Victorian Government is understood to be weighing up options for heavier fines and extra demerit points in an attempt to reduce the road toll.

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While phones are often the dangerous lure causing many crashes on Victorian roads, not many admit it.


Victoria’s current $484 fine is ahead of Tasmania’s $300 fine, NSW’s $344 fine and Queensland and Western Australia’s $400 fine.

South Australia’s fine is the highest in the country at $534.

“People say they’re good drivers and can do both, but it’s not the case,” Road Trauma Support Services Bernadette Nugent said.

The most common cause of fatalities on Australian roads are speeding and alcohol, but distraction is a major contributor too, causing 18 per cent of road fatalities.

Looking at a phone for three seconds while driving at 60km/h means the driver has been travelling blind for 50 metres.

On Wednesday during a press conference, Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters he had no road safety announcements to make.