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Jogger spotted running alongside

A jogger in Sydney has sparked road safety warnings after he was seen running on one of the city’s busiest motorways. Courtesy: Supplied

A jogger has been criticised after he was caught running within metres of vehicles on one of Sydney’s busiest motorways.

The Centre for Road Safety and staff at the M2 Motorway control room were alerted to the man while he was on the emergency shoulder of the road at North Rocks, in the city’s north-west.

It’s really dangerous behaviour, really stupid behaviour,” Bernard Carlon from the Centre for Road Safety told 9News.

As utes, cars, caravans and trucks all drove past the man – who appeared unaware of the danger despite signs describing the road as “not for pedestrian use” – motorway safety staff noticed he was also wearing headphones.

It’s not an environment for pedestrians to be on Domenico de Conti, the M2 asset manager, told 9News.

The M2 Motorway has in excess of 100,000 vehicles a day, but fortunately we had our traffic control room operators who are continuously scanning the motorway for these types of incidents.

After being spotted, motorway patrol authorities were able to pick him up from the side of the road and remove him from the motorway.

While he’s also managed to avoid any fine over the incident, his actions have sparked renewed warnings from road authorities.

Keep out of those areas where there is high speed high volume of traffic – that’s why it’s illegal for pedestrians to enter those roads Mr Carlon said.