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Jetstar passengers around Australia facing significant flight delays after IT issue

Jetstar Airways experienced an IT outage that affected passengers’ abilities to check into their flights nationally. Courtesy: iStock

Jetstar passengers around the country experienced significant flight delays due to an IT outage that comes hours after thick fog affected multiple services.

9News understands just five airports across Australia were not been affected by the technical issue, which left flyers unable to check-in to the carrier’s services.

The issue was first detected about 9.30am this morning and was resolved just before 12:00pm.

A spokesperson for Jetstar earlier confirmed the flight carrier worked immediately to fix the IT issue , however check-in systems remained down until about 11.10am.

The issue comes after dense fog at Sydney airport this morning caused delays of up to 90 minutes for domestic flights.

With those delays now added to the IT problem, some passengers have been faced with waiting times of up to two hours for their flights.

Meanwhile, it is understood that both Tiger Air and Virgin Australia both had to cancel flight services this morning as a result of the thick fog in Sydney.