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‘Intruder armed with knives%u2019 arrested

A Sydney father has been shocked after confronting an armed invader who broke into his family home while they slept. Courtesy: 9News

A man who broke into the Sydney home of a family while they slept, armed himself with multiple knives and barricaded himself inside has been arrested.

Edward Madden told Today he awoke in his parents’ Balmain home about 3.30am today to sounds of a commotion on the ground floor of his Llewellyn Street home.

Mr Madden was upstairs at the time with his wife and one-year-old daughter – who are currently in Sydney from Hong Kong for a family wedding – while his elderly parents were asleep in another room, before he went to see what was causing the sound.

This guy’s come rearing up the stairs, blood all over his hands, a big guy,” the father said.
“He was saying, ‘guys you’ve got to help me, I’m being chased’.

“I said, ‘mate you’ve got to get out of this house, mum and dad get upstairs into the attic’.”

He said the intruder then refused to leave and armed himself with two knives from the home.

The offender also allegedly told Mr Madden that he was armed with a gun.
“My parents were up in the very top level with my daughter. He went into my parents’ bedroom with the two knives and that’s when the police arrived. They went straight upstairs and were trying to talk him down.

“They didn’t know if he had a firearm or what his mental state was.”
Officers who arrived at the home were able to arrest the man. Mr Madden and his family members escaped without injury.

His wife and daughter have since been taken to hospital for routine checks. His elderly mother – who had heart surgery within the last four months – was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for a check-up.

The intruder this morning remained in police custody and is being questioned by authorities.
He is currently also in the RPA Hospital awaiting surgery for injuries he sustained while breaking into the home.