Diwali festival means Radio Haanji Diwali Mela

Radio Haanji (Melbourne): A lot of Diwali festival celebrations happening in Melbourne but if you would like to experience the Best Diwali Festival in the town, then you must join the Radio Haanji Diwali Mela (festival) 2019. Radio Haanji Melbourne Diwali Mela will unfold on 26 October 2019, mark your diary or add this event now into your calendar. “Well done” for adding this event in your calendar!!! Our Diwali is co-presented by Manhari Metals and Powered by AUM Global Migration and Education Services.

Biggest Diwali Mela Melbourne 2019

Haanji Melbourne Diwali 2019

Dear Patrons
We advise you do not cross Ballarat Road to come to Diwali. For your convenience and safety, we will be providing:
 ~ Managed Drop Off Zone near entry to main arena
~ Extra off street parking onsite
~ Traffic Management to keep traffic moving

Important Information Diwali Mela 2019

~ Festival starts at 2 PM
~ before 5 PM free entry
~ under 12-year free entry all-day
~ huge parking available INSIDE CLUB
~ senior citizens above 60 years free entry
~ $5 for other age group
~ huge parking available INSIDE CLUB

Be careful you can get parking tickets from the council if the park on Ballarat road.

Now, you may start asking the question like… what is so special in this Radio Haanji Diwali Mela? Well well well, this is what we are going to tell you now. Ohhh… looks like you have a checklist for Diwali Festival, guess what…? We like your checklist ideaaaaa… and now let’s check this together and I am sure you are going to tick all the boxes.

Melbourne Diwali 2019

1. Live Dance
2. Live Music
3. Games
4. Live Band
5. Food stalls… well this is just one word but we will have a big range of traditional Indian Traditional food to active you taste buds.
6. Unique traditional stall
7. Rides for kids
8. Giveaways for kids (knock-knock… not useless one’s okay)
9. GLORIOUS FIREWORKS on Diwali (Baaaaaang…this is just a word…you will listen to the sound too haha..)
10. Dance groups to perform (especially Folk Wave)
11. Magic show

No..no..no we are not going to tell all of our activities as we always surprise our attendees. Last year we achieved huge success on our Diwali Mela and we recorded around 8000 people who experienced our efforts, let’s make it five figures this time and we are counting you in and your family.

You will also have a chance to talk with our RJ’s and other team members. This will be the best Diwali Festival in the town and it will be full with the family fun and you are our family so come along and we will have Mango Lassi together.

Hey you…yes you, are you coming to our Diwali Festival in Melbourne? Ohhh, you want to know about the location and time. Grrr… Sorry mate forgot to tell you, the location is 19 Carrington Drive (POLISH CLUB) Albion, Melbourne. It’s starting at 2:00 PM until we countdown to the FIREWORKS. Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, 4, 3, 2, 1 Booooom. We will start on time mate and we mean it.

Nice… come and join us at Radio Haanji Diwali Festival.

~ Amrinder Gidda

Glimpse of Melbourne Diwali Mela 2018

Sponsor of Melbourne Diwali 2019 Mela

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