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Mr Moroney filmed himself hurling abuse at the corflute, which he introduces as a co-worker. (Supplied)

Mr Moroney filmed himself hurling abuse at the corflute, which he introduces as a co-worker. (Supplied)

Sickening video has emerged of a South Australian truck driver’s racist rant featuring the election poster of a council candidate of Indian heritage.

Grant Moroney, of Grant Moroney Trucking, filmed the tirade from behind the wheel of his vehicle, with a corflute of Port Augusta Council candidate Sunny Singh strapped to the passenger’s seat.

The shocking video was then posted to a Facebook page, where it has so far had more than 100,000 views.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Sundrop Zahid Khawaja, please try to make him feel welcome. He hasn’t been in the country long,” Mr Moroney says to the camera.

“He don’t say much, I don’t think he can speak a word of English.

“Don’t you spill your f—— tandoori curry all over my seat cover.

“Here, this is f—— Australia, we eat steak, we drink beer and we follow the f—— rules.”
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Mr Moroney then grabs the corflute and repeatedly smashes it into the dashboard.

“What have I f—— told you, fit in or f— off, fit in or f— off,” Mr Moroney says.

The poster eventually ends up under the truck.

“Oh for f—- sake Zahid, your f—— hi-vis didn’t work there you useless f—— immigrant c—,” Mr Moroney says.

Mr Singh, who has lived in the Port Augusta region for more than a decade, has told 9NEWS he doesn’t know Mr Moroney and found the video distressing.

“It was a bit upsetting when I first saw it and I got really angry,” Mr Singh says.

“He was talking about my 457 visa, for his information I am an Australian citizen, so everything was crap.

“I think this man is really upset with something, maybe his life, his own personal life or he must’ve had a bad experience with someone.”

The taxi company manager says he’s been overwhelmed by support from the community since the video became public.

“The whole of Port Augusta is standing behind me now, they’re all talking positive and sending me good messages.”

Mr Singh says he holds no malice towards Mr Moroney.

“I wish him good luck. I would love to meet him and talk to him about some things and explain to him what we do and what he does and how the world has changed,” he said.

Police have told 9NEWS they are investigating and Mr Moroney is likely to face both driving and racism charges.