Family 'disappointed and frustrated' as they face sixth day without power

More than 25,000 homes are still without power today as thousands face fifth day off the grid. Courtesy: Brook Mitchell

Thousands of residents across New South Wales are facing their fifth day without power, with many expressing frustration with the state’s electricity distributor, Ausgrid.

As of 10pm yesterday, power was still out to about 25,000 customers across parts of Sydney and the Central Coast.

Crews are working to replace more than 180 power poles destroyed in the storms and more than 1,000 spans of powerlines which need to be restrung.

Tracey Bourke and her family living in Hornsby Heights and told Today they have lost faith in Ausgrid after fallen trees and live wires were left exposed on their street.

“It’s been such a challenge. There were live wires on the street until yesterday, it’s so disappointing and so frustrating,” Ms Bourke said.

“There’s a level of trust that’s been lost with Ausgrid.

“We had two massive trees fall of the wires, firemen came and blocked off the street and then they left.

“Anyone who touched the trees could have been electrocuted.”

Ausgrid’s chief operating manager, Trevor Armstrong, has defended Ausgrid’s response and said the company was prepared for the wild weather.

“We are working hard to have all restored by the end of the weekend. That’s our aim,” Mr Armstrong told Today.

“That’s why we have asked for additional resources and that’s our plan as we sit here today.

“Of course, the weather out there can hamper our restoration efforts but from our perspective, even with that, what we are targeting is the end of the weekend,” he added.