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Extinction Rebellion protests

Activists have taken to the streets to demand more action for climate change. Courtesy: 9 News

Extinction Rebellion activists have no plans to slow down their climate change demonstrations, as protests enter their sixth day.

All eyes are on Melbourne, where protestors have stormed the streets with a “nudie run”.

Protestors slept overnight at Carlton Gardens and were filmed limbering up for the morning’s run. There have been police monitoring them.

In Adelaide, protestors staged a singing event in the CBD from 11am.

Saturday and Sunday will be the last two days of climate action in our capital cities.

Over the week protestors have caused widespread disruption across the country. Demonstrators have blocked major streets, glued themselves to buildings and in Sydney they stuck their heads in the sand, literally.

There have been 343 arrests nationally. Yesterday in Perth there were 65 and in Brisbane, 43.

People of the world have spoken. We have had mass arrests today and for the last five and that will continue. Until the government meets our demands. The demands are that a climate emergency will be called and that there will be zero emissions by 2025,” one protestor in Brisbane said.

It’s highly frustrating, it’s disrespectful … the fact that they’re causing so much disruption to other people is unacceptable,” she said.

While the widespread protests will die down by next week, Extinction Rebellion activists have warned their work has just begun.

They will hold workshops where they will educate the public on their mission and views – and in six months time we could see another week of unrest.