Experts fear mask wearing could provoke magpie swooping

Experts have revealed how the Covid-19 pandemic and magpie swooping season could be a troubling combination.

Experts fear mask wearing could provoke magpie swooping

Magpie experts fear the birds will ramp up their swooping of humans during the upcoming spring breeding season because Australians are wearing Covid-19 masks.

The intelligent creatures remember individual facial features and stop swooping those who enter their territory regularly.

However, Covid-19 masks make it difficult for a magpie to learn a person’s face, and they are particularly territorial during spring breeding.

Griffith University magpie expert Darryl Jones said the mask wearing could lead to magpies wanting to “belt” everyone.

“The mask comes into this story because most of the magpies which swoop pedestrians, do so to only one or two individuals who for some reason have become regarded as a threat,” he told NCA NewsWire.

South Australian government advice urges people to use caution while magpies breed between August and October.

“Females will typically lay between three and five eggs in early to mid-August and will sit on them for three weeks until they hatch,” the advice reads.

A five-month-old baby was killed when her mother fell while trying to avoid a magpie swoop at a park in Brisbane earlier this month.

Source: Herlad Sun