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Evacuated high rise_ Sydney tower

Residents were given just an hour to pack their possessions and evacuate. Courtesy: Nine

Residents forced to evacuate a Sydney high-rise apartment complex after cracking in the support beams face being out of their homes for days.

The occupants of 131 apartments were evacuated last night by Police and NSW Fire and Rescue from the Bourke Street building in Mascot.

Engineers will return to the site this morning to assess the ‘structural integrity’ and safety on the floors affected.

Concerns were raised when the cracks in support beams were identified as standard building was being carried out in the basement and underground car park over past weeks.

Engineers were worried the small cracks – not even large enough to put a finger through – may cause movement in the apartment complex.

Experts will continue to monitor the 10-year-old building over the next few days.

Many residents had been out for the evening yesterday and they had less than an hour to gather their possessions and leave the building.

They were just saying we have 30 minutes to evacuate, to take the cars out the garage and park them on the street wherever we can,” one man told 9News.

While no injuries were reported, police cordoned off the area as a precaution against falling debris.

Although a temporary shelter was established at Mascot Town Hall, many residents felt they were left to fend for themselves.

“They just said look for family, friends to help you. I’m upset and don’t know what to do,” one female resident told 9News.

The residents have not been offered temporary accommodation.
A NSW Police spokesman told today police had left the site.

The incident comes six months after the evacuation of western Sydney’s Opal Tower.

The newly-built 117m Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park was evacuated on Christmas Eve after bangs were heard and multiple cracks were found in the 34-floor building, sparking fears it could collapse.

An independent report has found multiple design and construction faults, including the use of inferior building materials and “under-designed” beams, led to damage.