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Engineer and wife charged

Officers arresting one of groups suspected of sophisticated cocaine trafficking ring. Courtesy: 9News

An engineer and his wife have been charged with running a sophisticated cocaine trafficking ring in Melbourne.

Wei Keat Yee, 27, was allegedly busted during a street deal along Blackburn Road last night.
He has since been arrested along with his wife and brother.

Officers executed search warrants on two homes in Blackburn Road, Burwood East and Pratico Court, Forest Hill as part of Operation Sparkler.

During the search of both properties, police seized approximately 100 grams of cocaine and over $450,000 in cash which was allegedly found under a house.

A Neighbour, Sam Akurudude, told reporters he had returned home to find half a dozen undercover police in his front yard.

“We really got shocked,” he said. “They said, don’t worry, you are safe”

A search of the Burwood East property allegedly uncovered more than $150,000 dollars of ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine along with $450,000 in cash, hidden in safe-like suitcases underneath the home.

During questioning, Mr Yee allegedly told detectives, “I have been dealing for years and years and never been caught… I have a big mark up.”

Mr Yee’s younger brother has been bailed but refused to answer any questions.
Mr Yee and his wife, Sui Lee – who is denying all charges – did not apply for bail.