Coronavirus outbreak

Medical workers in protective suits lead a passenger who tested positive for coronavirus from the cruise ship Diamond Princess earlier this month. Courtesy: Hiroko Harima/AP

A Perth woman says her elderly father has contracted coronavirus on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan and is being removed from the vessel.

Marcelly, who didn’t give her surname, told ABC radio a doctor told her father Val on Friday morning he had tested positive to the virus and would be taken to hospital. Her mother Iris returned a negative result and remains on the ship.

They had both boarded in Perth in “fantastic health”.

“He’s actually feeling really good – that’s the strangeness about this situation,” she said.

“A lot of the crew have also fallen ill that are preparing the food so there are people saying it may be coming from the food, but again there’s nothing conclusive.

“My mum and dad both had a bit of mild gastro.”

She said her biggest worry was staying in contact with her father as he does not have a mobile phone.

Confirmation is being sought from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It is the first known case of a West Australian being diagnosed with the deadly SARS-like virus.

The Perth man is one of 218 cases of coronavirus cases linked to the Diamond Princess.

Another 44 people were diagnosed on Thursday despite the ship being quarantined since February 4, with about 3600 passengers still onboard.

The outbreak started when a male passenger who disembarked in Hong Kong was found to be a carrier.