Sydney Airport

Lines at Sydney Airport this morning. Courtesy: Twitter

Passengers arriving at Sydney Airport have been seen crowded together in lines, appearing not to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Video shot this morning by a pilot shows dozens of people – only some wearing masks – huddled together as they wait at the arrivals gate.

There are concerns about whether screening processes such as temperature checks are happening as many of the coronavirus cases here have originated overseas.

NSW also has the highest number of cases of any state, with 1,219 people infected, an increase of 190 cases overnight.

Because of the number of cases continuing to rise as Australians arrive home from overseas, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has not ruled out implementing further restrictions.

“If we don’t see things shifting in the numbers because of those actions NSW will have to go further. We are only at the beginning of this, Ms Berejiklian said today.

“I want to brace everybody for what might happen in the next little while.” has spoken to a passenger who flew into Sydney from Perth last night who was not subject to any checks and did not receive any information guidelines about coronavirus.