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Climate change activists abseil down Sydney Harbour Bridge, at least 15 arrested

Greenpeace activists have abseiled down the Sydney Harbour Bridge to demand action on climate change. Courtesy: 9News

Fifteen climate-change protesters have been arrested after abseiling down the Sydney Harbour Bridge to demand the major federal political parties declare a climate emergency.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said six specialist trained climbers abseiled from the bridge about 5.15am today.

“The actions of the six Greenpeace supporters today is a wake-up call to Australia that there is a climate emergency,” he told 9News.

The Greenpeace supporters unfurled banners calling for action as they hung from positions underneath a public walkway on the western side of the bridge.

The signs read “100% renewables” and “make coal history”.

Supporters also took over a public walkway on the bridge.

Live Traffic Sydney said one lane of traffic was closed about 6.30am due to a “police operation” but it re-opened minutes later.

NSW Police said 10 people have been arrested so far.

NSW Police removed protesters from beneath the bridge with the help of officers from the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit, Marine Area Command and PolAir.