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BWS Lists a Carton of Canadian Club and Dry for $5 On Its Website

Laura Hay of the Whisky Company teaches Adam Cooney and Brian Lake how to drink whisky. Courtesy: Dailytelegraph

Whisky fans are going wild for $5 cartons of Canadian Club and Dry at BWS.

In what looks like a mistake the special has been shared online as people scurry to buy a carton before the deal is taken down.

The sale coincides with the launch of the new Canadian Club and Dry 3.4% alcohol, where one standard drink is in each can.

The online sales of the product appear to have been mixed up, a single can is listed $68, a six pack for $24 and an entire case for $5.

BWS has been contacted for comment and it is unclear whether the major supplier is honouring the advertised price.

Trying to find a store that still stocks them is the struggle.

No online orders can be made from stores around Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Redfern, or Newtown.

Further west, orders can be lodged at Ashfield and Fairfield.