Alleged illegal Liberal election signs shown in court

Signs telling Chinese speaking voters the “correct” way to vote is to put the Liberals first. Courtesy: 9News

Copies of allegedly illegal how-to-vote signs displayed in two Melbourne electorates on election day have been shown in court.

Failed Kooyong candidate Oliver Yates is challenging the re-election of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, and climate campaigner Vanessa Garbett is challenging the election of Gladys Liu in the neighbouring seat of Chisholm.

Lawyers for the challengers in the Federal Court today displayed reproductions of Chinese-language corflutes displayed at polling places in both electorates on election day on May 18, which when translated say the “correct” way to vote is to put the Liberals first.

Last month, the Australian Electoral Commission rejected suggestions the use of purple, Chinese-language signs misled voters in two Melbourne seats at the federal election.

The Liberal-authorised signs were displayed at polling booths in Kooyong and Chisholm.

Mr Yates and Ms Garbett argue the election signs mimicked the Australian Electoral Commission’s official purple and white colours, contained no Liberal branding and did not refer to the candidates by name or policies.

But the AEC denied the posters were likely to mislead or deceive voters into thinking they were official AEC instructions.