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Talk With Australia Premier Daniel Andrews MP

Several topics were discussed today, with the promise to sit together again after few weeks to provide the feedback. Courtesy: Radio Haanji

Team of like minded people had a meeting with The Premier Daniel Andrews MP on Monday evening. The discussion was around the “Victoria’s India Strategy: our shared future”. Several topics were discussed today, with the promise to sit together again after few weeks to provide the feedback.

In the opening of the discussion, Mr Luckee Kohli welcomed Premier and said the thanks words for the opportunity for discussion. around the difficulties. In his opening words, The Premier acknowledged the importance of Indian community in Victoria.

Representing Multicultural Arts Victoria, Me Chidambaram Srinivasan raised the topic about the improvement around the contribution of Indians in Victoria. He also mentioned we still face the issue with colour and appearance. He raised the voice for the trade difficulties between India and Victoria and promoting arts and culture. Premier assure to address the arts and culture issue in regional areas. A representative from Mind blowing films raised the concerns about contributions of film industry to boosts the Education and Tourism but the film industry haven’t got any grant. Premier replied they will be able to make some announcement soon as the discussions are underway. Manpreet pointed out the real estate issues with the lack in supplying the land and the first home buyers are struggling. Premier respond and acknowledged the issue and he clearly mentioned we need a strong planning around this issue.

Another topic raised by Dr Dinesh was the Health services issue in regional areas and also mentioned as concern. In reply, The Premier replied “Yes” there is a need. He joke, we should be making a bollywood movie on this. Old age home came into discussion as well, where Indian parents aren’t able to communicate and the variety of food is also not available. Premier asked what kind of help you need land or funding etc., In discussion the members replied we need land and facility and all agreed on business plan. But the issue is the government haven’t included the personal care workers in their medium or long time skill occupations list.

Family violence and the unavailability of counsollers from Indian ethnicity is also the issue. IT came to table as Mr Ajay raised the point in some cases the most talented IT person made their best choice UK and USA and Victoria is lacking behind to hire the best talent. Mr Gupta from Manhari metals raised the point in getting the difficulties of licensing and permits for range of business. Lack of support. He clearly mentioned we do not need any grant but cooperation. Concerns about the private colleges and the mishandling by the authorities. Aloke pointed out there is not checks just punishment. Premier assured to address the issue. Alex topped it up and made some key points about the initial induction.

Discussion end up with big hopes, but do need the clear agenda to progress further.