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Three killed on NSW roads during tragic 24 hours

According to data obtained by insurer Budget Direct, in 2018 53,564 vehicles were stolen in Australia – that’s one vehicle stolen every 10 minutes. Interestingly, Holden Commodores were the most-stolen car, making up 990 thefts between April 2018 and March 2019.

The Budget Direct research also found that Friday evenings between 4pm and 10pm is when most vehicle thefts occurred, and that 28% of all vehicles stolen were never recovered.

Interestingly, Victoria is not only the worst state for home burglaries in Australia, but also the worst state for car theft, too.

Suburbs ranked worst to best for car theft

  • Victoria – one theft in every 352 cars
  • Queensland – one theft in every 334 cars
  • NSW – one theft in every 537 cars
  • South Australia – one theft in every 498 cars
  • Tasmania – one theft in every 457 cars
  • Western Australia – one theft in every 384 cars
  • ACT – one theft in every 318 cars
  • Northern Territory – one theft in every 198 cars

Top 10 worst suburbs for car thefts in Australia (1 being the worst)

  1. Brisbane, QLD
  2. Gold Coast, QLD
  3. Logan, QLD
  4. Hume, VIC
  5. Moreton Bay, QLD
  6. Casey, VIC
  7. Townsville, QLD
  8. Greater Dandenong, VIC
  9. Blacktown, NSW
  10. Whittlesea, VIC